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 StreetPOst is a division of SWAN LOGISTICS GHANA LTD. and operates as a fully independent, autonomous business unit. StreetPOst provides the most unique express delivery service available in Ghana. By offering flexible tariffs and collection / delivery options, customers can choose specific service options that best suit their requirements. 


Traditional courier companies provide only door-to-door collection and delivery services; clients are generally faced with limited options and a choice of inflexible services. Such services offer marginal and limited advantages and, all too often, the hidden costs (such as administration fees, minimum charges and zone charges) are not taken into account when rates are discussed.

StreetPOst shall soon establish branches in all major centers within Ghana with its super hub located in Accra. Offering an effective overnight courier service with both door and counter options for delivery, in addition to which same-day and early bird service is available.

StreetPOst staff, are people centered and throughout its operations shall always bring professionalism, joy, and satisfaction to the hearts of its cherished customers.

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